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Recognise the work of NGO’s!

How absurd it is that NGO’s do such stunning work yet hardly recognised.

Muthande Society for the Aged, a non-governmental organisation in Durban South Africa, that addresses older people issues come to this reality daily when its caregivers pay visits to older persons’ homes to provide care.  These caregivers not only care for older people, but when arriving in their homes they also attend to their ill children and granchildren providing them with home nursing, feeding them, cleaning their houses and even cooking for them.

In many cases the caregivers will refer cases to the organisation’s paralegal practioners that will assist with, for instance, application of for ID documents, birth certificates for their grandchildren, application for child support grants, pensions, etc

Since most of these households mostly do not have anything to eat the caregivers would bring food parcels from the organisation. 

These caregivers work 5 days a week from 8am to 4pm yet at the end of the month the remuneration is not equal to the work done because Home Based Care programme is not funded. If fact, it is heart-breaking.

Any suggestions?


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